Sweet! Free Oil Change
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Took my wife’s blazer in for an oil change today and when I picked it up, $0.00 was due. SWEET! Our dealership has a frequent oil change keychain, you get 4 oil changes and the 5th is free, I didn’t realize that it was at a free one, so nice surprise.

For what it’s worth, here are some money saving tips for oil changes:

  • Call around for pricing, don’t assume that the 10 minute penzoil place is the cheapest, here in our small town, the 10 minute guy charges $35.00 an oil change, the dodge dealer right beside my work charges $21.99. BIG DIFFERENCE. $13.00 x 5 oil changes a year =$65 PER VEHICLE!
  • Ask if they have any specials. The place I used to use was really bad for this, they would give you the oil change for $29.99 because thats what everyone asked for, but they had an LOF (lube/oil/filter) special for $24.99. So you get a better service and save 5 bux. Huh.
  • Ask if they have any frequent customer programs. Hey, I get every 5th oil change for free on both vehicles. That saves us $44.00 a year.
  • Change your own oil. I can get a 5 liter of 10W30 and a filter at Autozone for about 10-12 dollars, add to that a half hour on a saturday morning, time well spent. I have put this off for now being swamped with work and home chores, but it’s not hard. The best part is that you can get in touch with your vehicle and spot problems early on since you are poking around under your car. Need help… there are a zillion how toos on the net on this one.
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