Get paid cash for your used books
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I discovered a cool site where you can get paid cash for your used books. This includes all types of books, not just textbooks for college students. (although they do buy back used textbooks too). It’s called .

Basically, you go to the , input the ISBN from the books (found in the first few pages of your books and/or the back cover), and then see how much they will pay for your books. Then you print out a prepaid mailing label and mail your books to them. (They even pay for all shipping costs!) You will get paid for your books via Paypal or check, your preference. How easy is that? And there are no out of pocket costs to you. Too cool!

And just to see how easy it was (and to see if they would actually buy any of the old books we have!), I tried putting in the ISBN’s from some of the old books we have lying around. I was surprised to see we could get cash for some of our books. (and just in time for the holidays, lol… BTW, I also make holiday money from and by searching the internet, and some of you may be interested in that as well.)

So give it a try, you might be able to get some extra cash for yourself too, AND clean out all the clutter from your bookshelves!

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{3} Comments

  • 11.29.08 Chelle

    I’ve checked out this site before, but I’ve never had any books they were accepting. So I kind of stopped trying. Good luck to you and anyone who checks it out though!

  • 11.30.08 JW

    Thanks for the information. I have a ton of textboooks from my MSIT and current MBA course that I’d love to sell.

  • 11.30.08 Momma

    Yeah, we did try it and they said they will buy back some of the books we have. Too cool!

    Also, you may want to try entering some of your books again, as my understanding is the books they buy back changes from time to time.

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