Online surveys update with proof of payment photos
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Online surveys update with proof of payment photos; Yes, you CAN make money from online surveys!!

  • Over 17 ways to make money online, all listed in one “super post” here!!!

We have been reviewing legitimate survey sites every now and then, as online surveys are a great way to earn more free money! In our personal experience, it is definitely possible to earn good money from paid survey sites each month! So, I wanted to post an update on our current favorite online survey sites, with a quick review of each… plus some proof of payment check photos!

All of the survey sites we mention are free to sign up. The more you sign up for, the more surveys you will receive. I recommend you sign up for all of them, and create a special email account, so you can keep all the survey stuff in one place.


– get $5 just to sign up, pays via Paypal – I recently received a $20 survey invitation for a 15 minute survey from this site! You get paid to fill out your survey profile too! We have LOTS of readers earning LOTS of money from this site!

Toluna Surveys: Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $5,000 sweepstakes when you register!

ADDED 3/09:

Ipsos Survey Panel – (United States and Canada Ipsos Survey Panel sign up link) – been sending out more invitations recently, and you can sign up in USA or Canada!

– surveys up to $50 per survey! They send out tons of survey invitations too!

National Consumer Panel
– You get awesome prizes and freebies for taking surveys and scanning your groceries at home. Be one of the lucky few. Join National Consumer Panel!

PineCone Research
– an EXCLUSIVE panel that only accepts sign up at certain periods. They pay QUICKLY via Paypal, and you are automatically qualified for every survey they send! To find out if they are taking sign ups, try this link:

– this one offers everything from paid surveys to get paid to try offers. Cash can add up pretty quickly with the more offers you do!

– they have sent out more invitations recently, including one for a $50 survey. Woot!

– they send out quite a few invitations and their surveys are quick and fun! Some lead to paid trials (where you get paid to try new products at home)!

– one of my FAVORITES, cash out at $5! I get lots of survey invitations and the surveys are fun!

Mindfield Online – sends out LOTS of survey invitations, some lead to PAID TRIALS… and they just lowered their minimum payout level to $5 (as of 1/19/09)!

– nice variety of paid surveys

– this one offers lots of surveys where you watch a video (very fun!) and also health care and political surveys (it was great fun during the 2008 election!)

– get $5 to sign up, paid surveys and get paid to read emails, plus get paid to do offers. Cash adds up quickly through offers.

– get $5 to sign up, a sister site to Inbox Dollars, very similar

similar to Cash Crate, with various offers, including paid surveys

***And, even though it’s not technically not a “paid survey” company, we also get money by reading emails:

– get $10 to sign up, get paid to read emails, cash out at $25, paid via Paypal

  • Finally, we make money by searching the internet at and rating websites at !

We have been taking some photos of our checks from these companies over the last few months, and we are including some of them here as proof of payment for you! We generally cash out as soon as we get to the minimum payment level for each site (which is $5 or $10 in many cases). This means we may get more than one check from the same company each month. Some companies, like , pay via Paypal.

Here are some proof of payment checks (TNS = MySurvey):

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{29} Comments

  • 02.08.10 kathy

    when doing these surveys, are you required to participate or buy things

  • 02.08.10 The Engineer

    Hi Kathy,

    A real, true legit survey site will NOT make you buy anything or pay a fee to be a member. We have done several product trials and they will mail you whatever the product is… paper towels, corn, you name it… they ship it to you. We laughed because we had one trial for corn, they paid 5.xx for postage on a 1.00 can of corn.

    There are also sites that lean towards get paid to try, they aren’t really survey sites, but you can get rewards for doing things you might buy anyway.

    Good luck!

  • 03.27.10 Lori

    Do you use a software program that fills in parts of the survey for you? There is one I’ve heard of called Roboform or something like that. Do you know anything about it?

  • 03.28.10 Money Savin' Momma

    We do not use roboform.

  • 04.08.10 gina

    Pincone is also a great survey site they are legit they send you products to try and pay you $3.00 for the first survey and upon completion of the product they pay you again either by check or paypal

  • 09.20.10 Renee

    Are there any survey sites that just send you the surveys you qualify for?

    Or do you have to always fill out mini serveys just to see if you qualify for what they are looking for?

  • 11.09.10 Elizabeth Wicker

    I feel like I am qualified for most of the ways to make money at home on the internet. I can’t wait to get started. We need the money to pay off debt. We are living on one income but have previously lived on two. I charged alot which was a huge mistake but we were also able to pay it on time.Then I got sick had to take off work and when I was ready to go back my boss didn’t have any work for me. My husband thinks I need to not work any more because of personal reasons. We are in debt from me buying alot of things charging them. I also have had a lot of
    medical bills for the last year and continue to have them. I would love to get out of debt and live on my husband’s salary which is very much possible if we didn’t have so many credit cards to pay on.

  • 01.20.11 tracy

    anyone heard of focus forward online? what do you think about it? i participate in many survey companies and have gotten checks, they are usually found out about by ur webiste or a trusted person. However, my mom sent me a link to one she signed up for (she dosen’t know much of what she is doing) so I signed up. About a week after signing up I get a survey offer where they will call my house and do a 30min survey and I will get paid $50 for it. I went to sign up for it to see if I qualify but was scared to give out phone number considering I have no proof if this company is legit. Hoping someone here will know more.

  • 07.27.13 manita

    i would like yo make money