Free Christmas Presents 2009
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Free Christmas Presents 2009

In addition our series, we are starting a series, that will help you all get cheap and FREE Christmas gifts for your family and friends in 2009! We’re already been mentioning some of these FREE Christmas gift ideas in the past few months, so if you’ve been reading our site for awhile, you should already have some of your free and cheap Christmas gifts by now! And our goal is to help you find even more FREE and cheap presents to give this holiday season! Just remember – there are plenty of great deals out there where you can get free and inexpensive QUALITY gifts! We’ll help you find them! And if you come across some hot free Christmas present ideas, please let us know! Leave a comment on a blog post, or email us at eadflmomma at gmail dot com!

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Comments {2}

{2} Comments

  • 10.16.09 Jeff the 'Thrifty Daddy'

    This sounds great! I look forward very much to this series of posts (especially if there are baby/toddler items)

    Thrifty Daddy and Momma here have managed to rack up almost $200 in standing Amazon credits in the last 8 months from your 'honest survey company' tips and Swagbucks hints.

    Thanks so much for all you do and all the pointers. Anything else at this point is just lagniappe!

  • 10.16.09 Tammy Fine

    I just got the twins free Mr and Mrs potato Head suitcase sets using my Swagbucks. YEAH!

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