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Swagbucks tutorial: It’s time to learn more about Swagbucks with a Swagbucks tutorial! We get lots of questions about how to use (a site that pays you to search online via Paypal cash or ), so here is a brief and very basic Swagbucks tutorial or “Swagbucks 101” for you all, to help you maximize your earnings and free prizes on Swagbucks. I have used Swagbucks since 2008 to get a ton of , and these tips are based on my personal experience and the experiences of our readers:

  • You need to join Swagbucks if you haven’t yet! Get 60 bucks free just for signing up! Swag Bucks is a site that pays you for searching online, like getting paid for the Google searches you already do!

On you randomly win Swag bucks for searching online. You redeem these Swag bucks for Paypal cash, , and other cool prizes. Most people seem to win swag bucks 2 – 4 times a day, and usually 10 – 20 swag bucks at a time. Start searching on at the beginning of the day. Search until you win some Swag bucks. I would not search again on Swagbucks for another 3 – 4 hours, as most people do not seem to win more often than every 3 – 4 hours on Swagbucks. After 3 – 4 hours, continue searching on Swagbucks until you win more free Swag bucks.

The exact phrases or words you search for do not matter – winning swag bucks is random. In other words, searching for certain “words” will not cause you to win Swag bucks, and just because a friend won on a particular search does NOT mean you will. However, you should NOT make up lots of searches and do lots of “random” or pointless and bizarre searches. If you do, Swagbucks may deactivate your account due to “unnatural searching”. This has never happened to me, but it has happened to a couple of our readers. They then had to contact the Swagbucks to get their account reactivated. So just search for whatever you would normally search for on Google. Readers have told us a popular search for them that sometimes earns them Swag bucks is “FreeblooD”, and they use Swagbucks to get to our website each day. Even though specific search terms do not cause you to win Swag bucks, this is a great way to visit our site every day, as you may win some free swag bucks this way!

If you like Swagbucks, try – get $5 FREE just to sign up!

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