16 Frugal Christmas Gifts: Give the gift of savings
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As per readers requests, here is a roundup of a bunch of good money saving gifts.  What makes a better gift than one that saves money? This is a collection of very useful frugal items that would make great “pay it forward” Christmas presents… give the gift of frugality.

Frugal Laundry Drying Racks: I built a large indoor rack for drying our laundry, but these are cheap, simple and easy ways to get started… perfect for apartments!

Frugal Must Reads: (The tightwadd gazette is like a bible for frugal living and Dave Ramsey is right up there with it in terms of usefulness and importance).

Lastly, Here is a useful stocking stuffer:

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{3} Comments

  • 12.09.09 Michelle

    To this day,my favorite Christmas gift is my 3 book set of The Tightwad Gazette!! My ordered and gifted them to me about 14 years ago! And,they are SIGNED by the Frugal Zelot herself!!

  • 12.09.09 Barbara

    I’m curious… How do I get the Dave Ramsey books at that price? If I click on that link it brings up a price of $14??

  • 12.09.09 Money Savin' Momma

    Looks like our readers must have bought them out at the $5 price already!! LOL! It looks like the cheapest price is now $10 – click on the “More Buying Choices” section to see all books currently available, from all sellers. (often a seller other than Amazon is cheaper). Prices change on Amazon frequently throughout the day as people buy books and add their own books to sell. But at $10, this is still a great buy. This book changed our lives. And if you have free Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, use those to lower your price!