How to get started couponing
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How to get started couponing: This is the second article in our “” series. This series is for people who are new to couponing or want to learn more about how to coupon. Be sure to read our first article in the series. Many of these tips come from one of our readers, Jen, and we have included some tips and comments of our own:

There are three main coupon-clipper-types:

1) Clip only for what you know you will use, only products you already purchase (avg. savings = 10-15%)

2) Clip all coupons from #1 and add in any high value coupon from products you’re willing to try or substitute (avg. savings = 25-35%)

3) Clip all #1, #2 and add in any additional coupons for “stock” items; i.e. Toothpaste, toilet paper, and Health/Beauty products (avg. savings can be 50-75% – however your main spending budget may be a bit inflated since you’re buying more products overall)

There are also three ways to “spend” your coupons:

1) Spend them only at your regular grocery store

2) Spend them at your regular grocery store and local MegaMart (Kmart, Walmart, Target)

3) Review all the ads and spend your coupons where you get the most bang for your buck (drugstores, megamarts, multiple grocery stores)

Jen says: I typically clip almost all coupons and prep for spending #3 but usually only end up at 2 stores. I know I could maximize my spending if I went to multiple stores but with 3 kids (2 under 3) it’s hard to go to one store let alone 5! I usually review the ads from my local stores, mainly my favorite grocery store and make up a list with my coupons in mind. I put a mark next to items on my grocery list that match up with coupons I’ve clipped and then make a separate list of extra items I can get for a really good deal if I have left over money.

Stay tuned for future articles in our series!

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{2} Comments

  • 01.31.10 priti

    please I need coupon for Smukers uncrestable.

  • 07.24.13 Devin

    These are good tips. I usually just shop at one store though for convenience, but I will try the 3 rules next time I go 🙂

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