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We LOVE saving money! And fortunately there are tons of great websites that help you do just that! One of our readers and fellow bloggers recently shared with us some of her favorite money saving websites. Two of these sites were new to me, and I’m glad to know about them. Hopefully they will help you all save some money too!

Jen blogs at . She says, “My goal with this blog is to give back to others that are looking to save a few dollars whether it is to stay home with their kids, survive the tough economy or save for a rainy day. I want to simplify the couponing and deal shopping process for people like me that didn’t understand it initially.”

Jen says, “I am techy geek. I love finding new technology that will make my life easier and it is even better when that technology saves me money. Here are a few of my favorites:

Twitter Coupon Bot

I am fairly new to Twitter but I am already addicted and even more so now that I found out my new found addiction can save me money. has created a Twitter Coupon Bot that will send you all the coupons that are valid at the store you are requesting. Here’s how it works with Target as an example:

1. Send a Tweet to @CouponBot Target (replace Target with the store of your choice)

2. DealTaker.com will then send you @ replies with any valid coupons for Target. The @ replies will show up on your main page.

3. DealTaker.com will send you a minimum of 10 coupon codes that are the most current offers.

This is a quick and easy way to make sure that you are finding the best deals out there for your stores!


I love RetailMeNot.com! Using this website has saved me so much money. When you are shopping online, simply check at RetailMeNot.com before you make your purchase for any discount codes for a percentage off or for free shipping. Users will input codes they find online and other users will comment when the codes work for them. It is a win-win situation for everyone! To make my life easier I downloaded the RetailMeNot.com toolbar and it automatically notifies me of any coupons when I am shopping online.


FillAnyPDF.com is an amazing tool that will save you a lot of time and hey time is money right? We all come across PDF’s that we wish we could type in the information instead of having to write it out. With FillAnyPDF.com you can edit your PDF’s and even better you can do it for free! All you have to do is login to FillAnyPDF.com, upload your document and click the type button at the top. You then click on the area you want to type on and a text box appears and you type your information. The text box can be moved to fit the area and the text size can be adjusted as well. When you are finished click save and FillAnyPDF.com will give you the option of emailing the form, downloading it or printing it. It is that easy! I have used this for rebate forms, doctor’s forms and my business forms. I love this tool!

What technology tools are saving you time and money?

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  • 01.07.10 bobbi

    retailmenot.com is the best place to find coupon codes……….depending on the codes I pick which website I will buy from when comparison shopping, check it out….

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