Get paid to text message + get $10 to take a survey!
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I just got another survey from Valued Opinions that will pay $10 to take a survey + pay you to text message! They pay you 10 cents per text message + pay $2 per phone call, and THEN still pay you $10 to take a survey! I recently completed a $24 paid survey with them, & they offer paid surveys up to $50 – $150! Sign up for Valued Opinions or check your email account to check for these fun surveys!

Here’s a summary of the email: Send us a simple text message whenever you see, hear or experience advertising by certain companies… You will receive $10 and $0.10 for every picture you send us… get $2 when you give us a call after you have seen the brands.

I’ve been taking paid surveys online for over 10 years. See my list of recommended survey sites. It’s free to sign up for all of them + they pay YOU to take surveys!

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