Review: Moon Dough Magic Barnyard
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Review: Moon Dough Magic Barnyard – Team Mom recently asked us to review the Moon Dough Magic Barnyard.

moon dough magic barnyardThe Moon Dough Barnyard is designed for age 3 and up. Basically, the Moon Dough is moldable, kind of like play dough. You can load the Moon Dough in the top of the barn, turn the orange crank, and the dough shapes into fun little animals. Our 3 year old had a blast watching the animals come out. He tried loading the dough himself, but wasn’t able to pack it down well enough to get a good animal shape.

The barn is easy to assemble. In fact, our son looked at the assembly picture and assembled it for me. There are also moldable bales and fence, and the barn comes with 3 colors of dough – white, blue, and yellow. The dough can be somewhat messy and easily breaks into tiny pieces, so don’t use this over carpet. It also leaves a film on your hands that must be washed off after playing.

Our son loved the animals, but he pushed on them too hard and they started to all look the same, lol. 🙂 He had great fun playing with this toy and played with it for over 1.5 hours straight out of the box, right up until Daddy came home! Time passed quickly for both of us with this toy. However, it is a toy that you need to supervise closely, and if your child is age 3, you will probably need to mold the animals for them. Personally, I prefer play dough. But the fact that our son played with this for so long, it is still a fun toy for kiddos. You can purchase the Moon Dough Barnyard at Amazon for $19.99.

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