Try a new FOOD product + get paid for it!
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Try a new FOOD product + get paid for it! Woo hoo! We just learned that some folks are trying a brand new FOOD product FREE through Synovate! If you haven’t signed up for Synovate yet, sign up TODAY! This survey company has been sending out more FREE PRODUCTS than ever! Check your survey email account for new survey invitations from Synovate, or sign up today and check your email in the coming weeks! It’s free to sign up + you get paid to take surveys and try new products! Synovate sign up link

synovate global opinions panelIf you’ve recently received free products from Synovate or another paid survey company, let us know! We love to hear when readers get free products and high paying surveys! Remember – please do not share specific details – names, brands, etc.

I’ve been getting paid to take surveys online for 10 years. See my favorite list of paid survey sites. It’s FREE to sign up for all of them!

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