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UPDATE: Samantha just said on : “Payment shows up in my paypal within a minute or two… I really like their payment system!” ***$180 paid surveys + get paid quickly through Paypal! If you haven’t signed up for Surveyspot yet, do it today! Folks have received $180 paid surveys from Surveyspot in recent months, as well as free pizza, cookies, & soft drinks! Don’t miss your chance for similar surveys! ***Just last week, some folks who cashed out received their survey payments within 20 minutes via Paypal! Go here NOW: ! ***For more FREEBIES and free stuff, sign up for our daily freebie email – click here

Note that Surveyspot is not currently taking new folks, but their sister site is!

I’ve been taking paid surveys for over 10 years. See the survey sites that really pay!

Comments {7}

{7} Comments

  • 06.12.13 Tania

    Hope I win!

  • 07.10.13 Machelle anderson


  • 05.12.14 nadashia

    I want to make money

  • 05.12.14 shiran clark

    I want to make money

  • 05.22.14 Destiny

    Hope this is good

  • 07.25.14 melissa stout

    how does this all work?i have no idea .please explain

  • 07.25.14 Jaime Prideaux

    You can sign up using the link in the blog post. Once you have signed up, you will start receiving surveys, and then you can cash out for payment once you have reached the minimum amount, which varies from $5 – $50 depending on the survey company. Good luck! 🙂

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