Printer ink $2 SHIPPED!
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Printer ink $2 SHIPPED! Inkgrabber has some HOT DEALS on printer ink that you won’t want to miss! Prices are up to 80% off, starting at $2! Use coupon code MAYSHIP to get an FREE SHIPPING! They sell name brand ink & re-manufactured ink, so take your pick! We have bought & used re-manufactured & ink refills; it’s a HUGE savings! Shop here: Inkgrabber

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{2} Comments

  • 05.21.11 Sarah Powell

    My ? is how on EARTH do I get this deal?
    The best the site could do 4 me on my cartridges was $74.99-10%($7.50) & free shipping…
    I have a Lexmark printer S405…
    KINDA A LOUSY DEAL!!! My printer only cost $130!!! Its a printer scanner copier fax combo…
    No tax cuz it came from the post Exchange…

  • 05.21.11 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    Sarah – ironically it’s the cheapest printers that have the most expensive ink. Ours run $7 or so on this site, but our printer was more expensive. I think that’s how the companies sell cheap printers because they know they will make up the difference in ink!

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