FREE Grocery Scanners + Free Smart Phones!

national consumer panelWOOHOO! SINCE POSTING THIS RECENTLY, A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF FOLKS HAVE GOTTEN IN, SO WE’RE SHARING THIS AGAIN FOR FOLKS WHO MISSED IT! ***Plus, some folks have been accepted into the FREE Nielsen TV Rewards panel too, and other folks are testing FREE Sprint Smartphones from Nielsen! Sign up ASAP (it’s FREE) for Nielsen National Consumer Panel to see if you get selected for a free scanner! You get points for scanning your grocery purchases, & cash in your points for cool prizes. I’ve been in this free program for over 2 years! Reader Lauren said: Just got my scanner last week!! I’m already getting cash offers for very short surveys. Crystal said: I have been scanning for them for years & love it… I have got a small wonder hd camera /recorder & just ordered an underwater camera from them. It’s FREE to sign up – HURRY: Sign up here!


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