FREE NAME BRAND Coffee Brewer + free coffee for a year!
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REMINDER – They have also said this is an ongoing opportunity & that they may be needing new folks, so be sure to check all the surveys in your accounts in case you get it too! ***Get a FREE NAME BRAND Coffee Brewer + free coffee for a year! Wow, folks are reporting they are being sent FREE coffee brewers from a MAJOR name brand coffee brewer company via  & also Mommytalk! In this case, folks are being sent a free coffee brewer and coffee for one year in exchange for giving their opinions of the free coffee brewer! Due to confidentiality requirements, we cannot provide the name of the coffee brewer or detailed info, but I’m sure it’s a brand EVERYONE has heard of! ***To see if you qualify, sign up / log into your  or  accounts ASAP (it’s FREE!) & then take the surveys listed in your account to see if you are offered this awesome freebie or similar opportunities! HURRY! ***Note: some folks got this opportunity via Surveyhead & some got it via Mommytalk, so you want to sign up & check all surveys in both accounts! Go here:  or 

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