7 Ways To Save On A Disney Vacation
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7 Ways To Save On A Disney Vacation

Every family dreams of going to the Happiest Place On Earth for vacation but we all know how expensive a Disney vacation can be, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible for those who are on a strict budget.  Using these 7 Ways TO Save On A Disney Vacation will not only make your next family vacation a trip o a lifetime but will also allow you wiggle room in the vacation budget for extra treats or attractions along the way.

7 Ways To Save On A Disney Vacation

  • TRAVEL IN THE OFF SEASON.  Although Disneyland and Disneyworld are both busy year round they do individually have times that are slower and thus you have the opportunity to book a resort stay for a lower price than in the peak months of the year.  If you wish to stay in one of the on site resorts, the off season is going to provide you with a chance to book lodging at a lower price. Check the parks websites FAQ section for more information on their respective slower seasons.
  • USE YOUR DISNEY CREDIT CARD.  Although never an advocate of incurring debt, applying for and using a Disney credit card to make purchases you can pay off at the end of each month is a great way to earn savings and cash back rewards to help pay for your Disney Vacation.  Additionally, when purchasing your tickets online or in park if you use their Disney credit card you will see a significant ticket cost savings.  For more information about the Disney Rewards Credit Card you may visit their .
  • SKIP THE RESORT AND STAY OFF SITE.  Although there is a lot to be said about staying in the Disney park area in one of their famous resorts the higher cost for lodging may not always be worth it.  Check out the surrounding cities for traditional chain hotels and motels for reasonable accommodations that leave extra room in your budget for more park days.
  • CALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT.  Although it is often less expensive to book your flights, hotel and tickets yourself separately, it is always a good idea to check with reputable travel agencies and even Disney sites themselves for unique package deals that might save you money in the long run.  Remember to figure in things like gas and rental cars when figuring if a package deal on site is a better fit for your budget.
  • BUY DINING PASSES.  Although not available year round all of Disney’s theme parks offer on occasion a special dining pass that allows you a set amount of meals in park per day for a lower cost.  Check their websites routinely for when these passes are available and good in park and work your travel time around those dates.
  • GO DURING HOLIDAY EVENTS.  Every year for Halloween and Christmas both parks offer discounted passes on select nights.  Although you would not have a full day in park, these evenings the parks are typically open until midnight or 1am so you would still have a significant amount of time in park.  These are great times to go if you are only going to be visiting for 1-2 days.  With cooler temperatures in the evenings and special events happening in the park these dates are often some of the best times to see all that Disney has to offer.
  • SKIP THE SOUVENIRS IN PARK.  One of the biggest financial traps inside the park is the cost of souvenirs.  Although there are literally hundreds of unique items available in park, the majority of those buttons, magnets, key chains and t-shirts are also available at the local discount retail stores for a fraction of the price.  Grab the custom embroidered Mickey Ears in park, but for almost everything else, take a trip to Walmart, Target or even the online Disney store itself ahead of time to save a significant amount of money in park.


Remember to do your research and compare all prices as well as weigh your family dynamic and preferences into your choice.  A lot of people prefer to pay the extra money to stay near the park so driving and rental cars are not a bother.  Others prefer to get out and about in the area and want the freedom of a car at their disposable.  Use the list of  7 Ways To Save On A Disney Vacation as a start toward making your Magic Kingdom travel plans a reality.



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