Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix
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Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix

We absolutely LOVE Ranch Dressing. Who doesn’t? Of course, we prefer the homemade variety, but the seasoning packets can get pricey with as much as we go through. This Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix was the perfect solution. Much less expensive and so easy to make a big batch to go in the pantry and use as needed. You can add this to everything from hamburger to sour cream on our baked potatoes!

Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix



1/2 Cup

1 Tbsp

1 Tsp

1 Tsp

1 Tsp

1 Tsp

1 Tsp – optional

1/2 Tsp

1/2 Tsp

1/4 Tsp



Blend in or until well mixed.
Store in dry airtight container
When recipe calls for 1 packet of mix, use 2 Tbsp of this mixture
This is a great way to save money and always have your favorite salad dressing, dip or seasoning blend on hand. This Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix also makes a great gift for newlyweds, teachers and holiday gift giving!

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Comments {7}

{7} Comments

  • 10.07.14 Becky

    How do you make dressing using this?

  • 10.23.14 Cheryl R.

    With the packets you mix with sour cream. I’m sure this is the same. Looks great, I will have to try this. Thank you!

  • 11.02.14 Jennifer

    for dip mix with 8oz skit cream. for dressing use equal parts milk and mayonnaise.

  • 11.02.14 Jenniferki

    sour cream…sorry

  • 11.02.14 Mia

    It calls for 1 tsp MSG???? Is that an actual spice?

  • 11.02.14 Janice

    Where can I find dry buttermilk? Thanks

  • 11.03.14 Rita Mabry

    Thank you for the coupon for trash bags