Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift
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Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift



Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift

This Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift is the perfect handmade gift for teachers, Grandmas,  Dads, or anyone else you need a sweet handmade gift for.  And it’s so inexpensive! Personalized by your or your child- Who doesn’t love a child’s artwork? It is always a wonderful keepsake.  This is also a very frugal craft- all you need is a cheap dollar store mug and a pack of OIL-Based Sharpie pens. We are making several of these this year for family and as a teacher gift! Years from now those precious little scribbles will be priceless.

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Supplies Needed for the Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift:

cheap plain white mug

rubbing alcohol/cloth

an oven


Directions for your Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift:

1. Begin with a cheap mug, the glaze on them tends to be lower quality-which in this case you actually want.  When baking the glaze breaks down and this helps the sharpies pen adhere and last longer.

2. Buy OIL-BASED pens, they work the best. If you use a regular old common sharpie it will come off in the first wash.

sharpie mug supplies

3. Clean the mug and wipe it down well with alcohol to remove oil and fingerprints-try to keep touching with bare hands at a minimum.

sharpie mug alcohol wipe off

4. Draw your design on the mug, don’t forget to personalize it and add a date- this makes it so much more personal and treasured.  If you make a mistake simply wipe it off quickly with alcohol, dry it, and try again!

sharpie mug diy draw

Don’t forget the inside- a cute message or drawing to reward the recipient every time they finish a cup is a sweet surprise.

diy sharpie mug inside


5. Let sharpie dry for about an hour before placing in a cool oven. Turn oven on 375 and bake for 40 minutes, turn off oven and and let mug stay inside until it is completely cool.  This is important- you want to allow mug to cool within the oven or it could crack.

I have had good luck with these in the dish washer but I would recommend hand washing to make them last longer. And that’s it! You and your loved ones are sure to love this Easy DIY Sharpie Mug Homemade Gift.

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  • 01.08.15 denise low

    This is cute. And a way to entertain the grandkids And keep them busy. Thank for the information.



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