Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe
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homemade bubble bath

Homemade Bubble Bath

Here’s a great Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe! If you want a luxurious and fragrant bubble bath without all the harmful additives, check out this awesome Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe! This is a sulfate free bubble bath recipe! It is simple and inexpensive to make at home. Because this is sulfate free it does not bubble as much as commercial bubble baths. However, the trade off is that it is much safer for you and your skin. This is even a suitable homemade bubble bath for babies.  Want to make it a bit more moisturizing? Mix in a couple teaspoons of coconut oil or almond oil.  Make sure you choose a therapeutic grade only for all your essential oils. It also makes an amazing gift for the holidays, birthday, or Mother’s day. Choose a scent that you love and is relaxing! Some of our favorites are rose, vanilla, and lavender! Great for soothing and calming.

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2 Tbsp. 

1 cup , unscented

1/2 cup




Combine glycerin, castile soap, and water in container with a tight fitting lid, swirl gently to combine.

Add 20 drops of essential oils, swirl to mix, add more if desired until it smells good to you.

Optional: Add 1 -2 teaspoons of to make it more moisturizing

If  you opt to use a citrus essential oil to scent your bubble bath, use a glass container to store it! Why? Because the citrus oils will break down plastic.

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Comments {2}

{2} Comments

  • 01.30.15 Jamie @ All That Srocks

    This looks awesome! Throw some Lavender essential oil in there and it’s a “Sleepy” bubble bath 🙂
    Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects Party.

  • 01.30.15 Audrey

    I’ve never thought of making bubble bath. This one would be all for me, since my son likes lots and lots of bubbles.



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