Free Coconut Oil
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Free Coconut Oil! Run because right now you can snag FREE Coconut Oil from Thrive Market! Coconut oil has so many great uses! I use it in cooking when sauteing certain foods. Yum! Snag the freebie here: Coconut Oil

What do you all use coconut oil for? Would love to hear your ideas!

Please note there is currently $1.95 shipping.

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{20} Comments

  • 09.22.16 Lynne B

    I’ve done this one – fantastic deal!

  • 09.24.16 Una

    I use it for my eyebrows

  • 09.24.16 Sherry Fram

    Never heard of Thrive Market. Will check it out!

  • 09.24.16 Olivine Eyes

    I’ve heard coconut oil is good for removing makeup. Thanks.

  • 09.24.16 Rosalee Jacklin

    Thank you so much! I got it.

  • 09.28.16 Lindsay Giedosh

    I love coconut oil for cooking and even some DIY beauty treatments

  • 09.30.16 Lynne B

    It’s so expensive that I only use it for my bulletproof coffee. This is a great deal.

  • 10.02.16 Karen Dietrich

    I have a jar of coconut oil but am not sure how to use it. I don’t cook that much anymore. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • 10.08.16 Roxanne

    I use it for cooking and oil pulling.

  • 10.08.16 Kara Marks

    There are so many great uses for coconut oil–thanks!

  • 10.09.16 Vidya

    We use it for moisturizing

  • 10.13.16 Lisa Coomer Queen

    Add a little bit of it to your children’s shampoo while school is in session to keep the lice away. Thanks!

  • 10.14.16 Calshondra Williams

    I love Coconut Oil it has many uses around my home. I cook with it and use it to keep my skin moisturized.

  • 10.14.16 Christina G.

    You can’t beat free. I’ve never tried coconut oil. Thanks for posting!

  • 10.18.16 Judy Thomas

    I love it .It is so versatile!

  • 10.21.16 Ronald Gagnon

    Never heard of Thrive Market or using coconut oil for sauteing…though I love sauted vegetables and meats..just learned something new

  • 11.10.16 Sandy Johnson

    I love to saute my veggies in coconut oil! I also use it to make my own toothpaste, in oil pulling, and if I get stung by a wasp, after getting stinger out I put coconut oil on the spot, pain is gone in about 20 seconds, and the swelling goes down also. Can barely tell where I was stung! I have also heard it will get rid of a toothache quickly, but haven’t tried that myself.

  • 11.24.16 Cindy Sullivan

    It is good for dogs skin

  • 12.02.16 Missy Howell

    I use it to moisturize my skin and as a hot oil treatment as well as taking a teaspoon thanks for the awesome job you do

  • 12.02.16 Missy Howell

    I use it to moisturize my skin and as a hot oil treatment as well as taking a teaspoon of it daily thanks for the awesome job you do