DIY Gingerbread Candle
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DIY Gingerbread Candle

Holiday scented candles are a favorite for burning in your own home, or for gifting to friends and family all season long. This cute little gingerbread candle is a great handmade gift wrapped up in a pretty towel. I found these fun wax granules that give the candle a bit of a different look. I liked them especially for this scent, as they look a bit like gingerbread dough. I was able to find all the items at my local craft store but you can also find them online at Rose Mountain Herbs.

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DIY Gingerbread Candle - easy homemade candle, great scent

DIY Gingerbread Candle

Ingredients for Homemade DIY Gingerbread Candle:

To make your own gingerbread candle you will need

granulated wax, cream, white, or tan

candle wick

gingerbread candle scent

small mason jar

pretty holiday ribbon

hot glue gun/stick



Directions for DIY Gingerbread Candle:

Measure and trim wick in your jar if needed so it is just 1/2″ above rim of jar.

img_2870Combine granulated wax and gingerbread candle scent until the desired scent strength is reached. I chose a pretty tan granulated wax so it really imitated the look of gingerbread, isn’t it fun? Stir together well to distribute the scent.

img_2873-0Fill jar to 1/4″ to 1/2″ from the top edge with the wax mixture.

img_2874Attach a pretty ribbon with hot glue, add a gingerbread cookie cutter if desired to make it a double duty gift! For gifting gently place lid back on the the top of your jar and label with a simple handmade tag, trim wick slightly if needed.


And there you have it, you just made your very own handmade DIY Gingerbread Candle! How cool is that?

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Comments {3}

{3} Comments

  • 12.06.16 Keziah Greer

    I need this for stress so thanks. the smell helps

  • 01.16.17 Daryl

    I bet this smells great

  • 04.28.17 Margaret Appel

    This candle is so pretty & easy to make. What a wonderful gift to make & give to those who enjoy candles. Going to try pinning it for future reference. Thanks!

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