Homemade Mint Charcoal Body Scrub
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Activated charcoal is a popular ingredient in body products these days, for good reason… any folks believe it is a great way to detoxify internally as well as on your skin. Combine the detoxifying benefits with an exfoliating scrub and you have a powerhouse in a simple DIY beauty treatment that is just as nice to keep as it is to gift for the holidays. You will love this Homemade Mint Charcoal Body Scrub. Also, if you are a looking for a gift for the man in your life that gives them a little indulgence but maintains their manly mystique, this is it. And of course ladies, you will love this DIY Mint Charcoal Body Scrub too. Refreshing mint wakes you up, coconut oil moisturizes and heals dry skin, while the charcoal helps to draw out toxins in your body! It’s truly a great scrub for men or women! This scrub is not just a great treat for your own skin, but looks so pretty in a jar that it makes a great gift for the holidays.

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Homemade Mint Charcoal Body Scrub


Homemade Mint Charcoal Body Scrub


1 cup

10-15 drops .

Directions for Homemade Mint Charcoal Body Scrub: 

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.

Continue stirring until everything is well combined.  If you like a looser scrub you can add additional coconut oil.

Add essential oil to your desired scent strength.

Transfer to a glass jar with a secure fitting lid and store out of the direct spray of water.

To use the scrub you just scoop out a generous amount with your fingers and rub over damp skin, if you can let it sit on your skin out of the way of the water spray even better for absorbing moisture and expelling toxins. Rinse away then pat skin gently dry.

*It is always a good idea to test new products out on a small area of skin first, while these are natural ingredients, you may still be sensitive to them.

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  • 09.30.17 Terri Speedy

    Mac cosmetics is my favorite makeup line!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10.02.17 Sheena

    I have not tried out any of the charcoal body products, but making it myself I made try it. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty hope you will join us again this week.

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