7 am Winner + 1st FREE Box of Clothes!
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Welcome to our January 9 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Event! We’re doing SURPRISE GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS ALL DAY LONG TUESDAY at random times. ***And everyone, don’t forget to snag your 1st free box of clothes – CLICK HERE. We will randomly announce winners throughout the day Tuesday 1/9, at random times, all the way until 11 pm Eastern time! To enter the Giveaway Event, simply join FreeblooD Daily Emails! You’ll receive emails with the top freebies and holiday deals! Sign up for free emails – CLICK HERE! If you already receive our emails, you are automatically entered. Winners will be randomly selected at random times. On 1/9, each winner will have FOUR hours to email mom @ couponsandfreebiesmom.com to claim his / her prize if selected, so be sure to check CouponsandFreebiesMom.com often throughout the day! Good luck!

***And now, our random winner, announced on Tuesday 7 am Eastern time is kaseyc45___ @ g   _____. com – you have FOUR HOURS, until 11 am Eastern time 1/9/17, to email [email protected] to claim your Free Amazon Gift Card! Title the email “7 am Winner January 9”. Everyone else, be sure to check out the 1st Box of Clothes FREE from Stitch Fix – CLICK HERE!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our other new giveaways here:

*** And finally, don’t forget to snag your 1st Free Box of Clothes – Click here

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