Join The 20% Who Recycle In Their Bathroom & Get Rewarded!

Join The 20% Who Recycle In Their Bathroom & Get Rewarded!

Are you a member yet?  If not now is the time to join and earn 30 points in the latest promotion!   Recyclebank is a great way to do something good for the planet while earning points that you can redeem toward prizes!  Recycling in your bathroom is so easy to do!  It’s nothing gross – simply saving the plastic shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers, rinsing them out until clean and then taking to your plastics donation center is a great way to recycle in your home.  Just a few items a year from one person can make a huge difference in the health of the earth.

Head over and sign up for today and pledge to recycle in your bathroom!

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Earn extra money for Christmas

Earn extra money for Christmas! An easy way to earn extra money for Christmas is to sell your used books. You can earn extra money for Christmas at Cash4Books. They buy all types of books, including textbooks.

Here’s how to earn extra money for Christmas using Cash4Books:

  • Go to Cash4Books
  • Input the ISBN (found in the first few pages of the books)
  • Accept the cash offer for your books
  • Print a prepaid mailing label & mail your books to them (They cover all shipping costs!)
  • Get paid via Paypal or check

We have personally been paid by Paypal many times from this site!

Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

We also earn extra cash from paid surveys & by searching the internet!

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Cloud Crowd: Make Money Online!

Cloud Crowd: Make Money Online! We’ve received several comments now from readers about Cloud Crowd as a great way to make money online. I have not had time to personally use Cloud Crowd yet, but we do know that people have been paid by this site and it is a legitimate site to earn extra money online from home. Cloud Crowd was named one of . You can sign up for & give it a try for yourself! Cloud Crowd is run through Facebook, and here’s what Cloud Crowd says on their site:

Ready to work?

  • Earn money when you complete tasks online.
  • Work where you want, when you want.
  • Work today, get paid the next business day.
Are there other readers out there currently using Cloud Crowd to make money online? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog post with your experience or send me an email at eadflmomma at gmail dot com!
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Get paid for Christmas shopping

Get paid for Christmas shopping: Yup, you read that right! You can get PAID to do your Christmas shopping, and it’s easier than you think! Whenever you shop online through cash back shopping sites, you are literally getting paid to shop! There are several sites that will pay you cash back for shopping at online stores. You get a certain percentage of your total purchase back via paypal or check, and the amount of cash back varies from site to site and from store to store. The key is to sign up with all the cash back sites you can and then look to see which one offers the most cash back when shopping online at a particular store. If you take advantage of cash back shopping sites, you will be surprised how quickly the cash back can add up, especially when doing your holiday shopping!

***This post is part of our series***

Here are our favorite cash back shopping sites, all of these sites are 100% free to sign up for and use:

1) – $5 sign up bonus, they automatically pay you via check or paypal when you’ve reached $10 in cash back. Your $5 sign up bonus counts toward your $10 minimum when cashing out. They pay every month around the 20th. We have personally been paid by this site.

2) – $5 sign up bonus, you must request a check or paypal when you’ve reached $10 in cash back. Your $5 sign up bonus counts toward your $10 minimum when cashing out. They pay at the beginning of every month for the previous month. So if you request a check in October, you will be paid in early November. We have personally been paid by this site.

3) – $5 sign up bonus, you get paid after you have $5.01 in cash back in your account. Your $5 sign up bonus counts toward your $5.01 cash out minimum. They automatically pay your cash back every 3 months. We have personally been paid by this site.

4) – $5 sign up bonus. You can cash out when you’ve received $20 in cash back. We signed up for this site a few months ago and have not cashed out yet.

5) – You can sign up as a Crumb Saver or Crumb Earner. Crumb Savers get a higher cash back percentage, but receive less cash back when referring friends. Crumb Earners receive a lower cash back percentage, but earn cash up to 5 referral generations away! (So if you have a lot of friends, I recommend signing up as a Crumb Earner! Otherwise start with Crumb Saver, as you can always switch to Crumb Earner later.) We signed up for this site several months ago and have not cashed out yet.

—>Be sure to check out the other posts in our series and learn how to

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How we made an extra 1000 dollars last month

How we made extra money for debt:

Several readers have asked us how we scrape up an extra $1000 now and then to put towards principal on debt, so I (“Engineer”) thought I would show you.

For this example, here is how we got $1000 scraped up recently to send towards debt. Some of the payments had been a month or a couple months in the works, so this is not a typical month.

  • $35.50 – Sold books to
  • $13.00 – payment (a couple months in the making)
  • $32.25 – (took two months to get enough to payout)
  • $25.00 – (My favorite survey site, hit the payout this month – For those of you unfamiliar with , you get $5 free via Paypal just to sign up, plus it’s free to sign up. We have lots of readers making $50+ a month on this site.)
  • $227.00 – Overtime money from paychecks
  • $342.60 – Items sold on ebay, this was unusual, happened to have a large item
  • $330.00 – Payment from weekend work on the side
  • =================================
  • $1005.35 – Grand total

This month was an accumulation of a lot of hard work on the side and overtime, but you can see that even just doing simple things like doing a few surveys or all adds up. Some months we are able to scrape up an extra couple hundred just from being frugal… while that doesn’t directly “make money”, it does save money… and at the end of the month when I look at the checking account, it shows up as extra money in the checking account.

Making extra money is not just about one thing/one source, it’s doing many things… little things… that add up.

For example, most months we can count on about 50 dollars extra from surveys, etc, add to that an extra 100 or 150 dollars from being under-budget on utilities and grocery and suddenly there is an extra 200 to pay towards principal. It all adds up.

As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned…

Let us help YOU save money and make money! Click here for info!
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Surveyhead Paid Surveys

We have been using Surveyhead for some time now and have found it to be the best legitimate paid survey site around. It has a better business bureau listing and has always been prompt with their payments and crediting.

By far the easiest survey site and highest earnings are from surveyhead. They are by far our favorite site to use, they payout very fast with paypal and you even get $5 free just for signing up. If you are going to try any site first, be sure to try surveyhead:

<--Click here to get your Free $5 sign up bonus

If you are interested in more paid surveys, we have a complete list of legitimate paid survey sites in our original article, along with proof of payments. Yes, we have actually tried all of the sites and have been paid by all of them. Here is the original article on Making Money Online.

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Make Money Online

I’ve been taking paid surveys online for over 15 years. Lots of readers want to know the best paid survey sites, so here is a list of favorites I personally recommend / have been paid by. Yes, you do actually get paid.


EXCLUSIVE Coupons & Freebies Mom Paid Survey Panel – get paid cash to take surveys, right here on our site! It’s 100% free and you can cash out at only $20! Click here to sign up

****Coupons & Freebies Mom Paid Survey Panel – CLICK HERE****


Harris Poll Online – get paid to take surveys and try possible new FREE products

Ipsos Survey Panel – (United States and Canada Ipsos Survey Panel sign up link) – you can sign up in USA or Canada!

Toluna Opinions: Earn $ for taking surveys AND test products for free! Plus you will get an entry for a $2500 sweepstakes when you register!

Springboard America – earn rewards for participating in surveys!

VIP Voice – get paid cash to take surveys + win cash – lots of great monthly giveaways too!

GlobalTestMarket – paid surveys + possible FREE products!

MyView – sends HIGH PAYING surveys, including a $125 paid survey

Pinecone Research – an EXCLUSIVE panel that only accepts sign up at certain periods.They pay QUICKLY via Paypal, and you are automatically qualified for every survey they send! CLICK HERE to see if they are currently accepting sign ups!

SurveySpot – sent out FREE snack food products and a $180 paid survey!

Cash Crate – this one offers everything from paid surveys to get paid to try offers. Cash can add up pretty quickly with the more offers you do!

Survey Savvy – they have sent out more invitations recently, including one for a $50 survey. Woot!

– they send out quite a few invitations and their surveys are quick and fun! Some lead to paid trials (where you get paid to try new products at home)!

Opinion Outpost – one of my FAVORITES, cash out at $5! I get lots of survey invitations and the surveys are fun!

Mindfield Online – sends out LOTS of survey invitations, some lead to PAID TRIALS… and the minimum payout level is $5. Plus, they pay via Paypal (or check if you prefer).

American Consumer Opinion – nice variety of paid surveys

Epoll – Free Amazon, Starbucks, Target gift cards & more + win up to $250 just by joining!

HCD Surveys– this one offers lots of surveys where you watch a video (very fun!) and also health care and political surveys (it was great fun during the 2008 election!)

Inbox Dollars – get $5 to sign up, paid surveys and get paid to read emails, plus get paid to do offers. Cash adds up quickly through offers.

Send Earnings– get $5 to sign up, a sister site to Inbox Dollars, very similar

National Consumer Panel (formerly Nielsen Homescan)- You can earn points redeemable for scanning your grocery purchases as well as doing surveys. Cash in the points for electronics (TVs, gaming systems) and other awesome prizes. Lots of cool freebies!

Lastly, you can also make money selling used books to Cash4Books, if they aren’t taking your books now, try again in a couple weeks as they cycle through their inventory. A great company to deal with.

If you want to read our original article with the proof of payment photos (pictures of checks received), here is a link to the original Make Money Online article.

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Valued Opinions Survey – $50 surveys & paid product trials!

Valued Opinions Survey site offers paid surveys up to $50 per survey and paid product trials. Right now I am so excited because I just received a survey invitation from Valued Opinions that said the following:

“This survey is a bit different to our regular surveys; when you qualify you will be asked if you would like to test a product that will be sent to you in the mail. In order for us to send the product, you will be asked for your name and contact details during the survey. Once you have tested the product you will then be asked to take part in another survey.”

I have done paid product trials with Valued Opinions before, and they were awesome! You get paid to take an initial survey, then they send you a free product to try, and then you get paid to take another survey at the end! So you get paid for two surveys, and get a FREE product!

  • If you haven’t signed up for Valued Opinions Surveys yet, you really need to try this company. It’s one of my favorites!

Sign up here:

If you want to see the list of 15+ legitimate survey sites we use/recommend, you can see the list

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MySurvey is looking to pay mothers with children under 4!

I just took a survey with , and the survey told me that MySurvey is specifically looking for more survey panelists, particularly mothers with children under age 4. They also want to send mothers PAID PRODUCT TRIALS. These are where a company sends you product to try at home for free, and then you get paid (via cash or points) for completing a brief survey about the product.

So, if you are a mother with children under age 4, be sure you sign up with MySurvey panel today, to start getting PAID to take surveys and try new products. It’s free to sign up!

Also, you do not have to be a mother with children under age 4 to join this panel. They are looking for all types of panel members, and just particularly recruiting mothers at this time.

  • Sign up for
  • After you’ve signed up, be sure to check your email – you need to confirm your sign up before you can receive any surveys or product trials.

***If you are a mother with a baby, check out for more survey opportunities!

If you want to see the list of 15+ legitimate survey sites we use/recommend, you can see the list here

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Get paid via Paypal to take surveys and complete paid product trials

When I logged into to check my account balance (this is the company that I recently received an invitation to a paid product trial from), I saw that you can now get paid via Paypal. Combine this with the fact that you can cash out as soon as you get $5, and this makes Mindfield Online one of the best survey companies out there!

Mindfield Online has always been quick to pay via check, but this means payments will now come even quicker if you choose Paypal as your payment option!

If you haven’t signed up with Mindfield, you will definitely want to sign up ASAP, as they send out paid survey invitations, AND paid product trial invitations! In some cases, you will get paid to try a product AND complete a survey about it! Sign up for Mindfield Online !

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing my most recent proof of payment from Mindfield Online via Paypal, so here it is, copied/pasted from my Paypal email payment:

McMillion Research just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details

Amount: $24.00 USD
Transaction Date: Apr 23, 2009
Transaction ID: [removed for privacy reasons]
Subject: MindField Online Payment
Custom note: Online PayPal Request From MindField

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