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amazon $5 gift card

Get Free $5 Amazon gift cards: Coupons & Freebies Mom Money Saving Experts! Would you like to snag a $5 Amazon gift card? Here’s your chance! We’re looking for ORIGINAL & unique articles (written by YOU!) of 300 – 600 words to publish on our website on the following topics: Arts & Crafts; Kid Friendly Meals; Budgeting; Tips for Living on One Income; Travel Tips; Original Money Saving Ideas; ORIGINAL recipes; How to Coupon; & Frugal Living. You may also submit a review article of a paid survey site you use (see a list of my favorites here). Just send us your article, and IF we select it for publication, we’ll send you a free $5 gift card within 14 days after the article is published on our site!

Email the article to mom (at) couponsandfreebiesmom (dot) com – for the subject use: CAFM Money Saving Experts

Select an appropriate photo for your article from iStockphoto or attach a photo to the email (for example for Arts & Crafts or Recipes you may want to include your own photos). If using iStockphoto, you do not need to purchase the photo, just provide the name or ID number.

Be sure to include your full name with your submission. Please note not all articles received will be published, and you will only receive a $5 Amazon gift card if your article is selected for publication. You may submit as many unique & original articles as you wish!

Please note we reserve the right to edit articles before final publication.

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  • 01.16.12 kayla rhodes

    5 gift card to amazon

  • 01.16.12 kayla rhodes

    5 gift card amazon

  • 01.21.12 heather

    wow tyvm ill be entering i love writing and helping others as well as amazon lol.

  • 01.21.12 Coupons & Freebies Mom

    Awesome Heather! Send as many articles as you wish, we’d love to hear from you! We’ve already heard from folks and published our first article in this series! It’s a lot of fun! 🙂

  • 03.10.12 Belinda Walker

    This is going to be great is so many ways! I hope you are going to publish the good articles (in a series, or however), because I am sure we can get alot of good tips from each other! I am looking forward to start writing mine and am trying to decide which direction to go in! I was a single mom (my husband left when my children were 12 & 6) and was left with 1st & 2nd mortgage, plus credit card debts, and all kind of bills (even owed for his false teeth (isn’t that a hoot!!!). But, with the Lord’s help, and alot of work and managing and trying to cut every corner possible and make do, we made it! Both of my children even got to go to college and have told me they never felt deprived – that they had fun with the ways I would come up with way to save, and didn’t realize at that time what I was doing! Then, when my son was in his 2nd year of college I remarried to a wonderful man, who had been through about the same thing that I had, and his bills plus what I still had ….plus his youngest we had every other week and had to still pay child support. So I am trying to decide which direction to go in……… this is going to be fun!!!!!! It make me feel so good when I can help someone who was in a hard financial situation and now my husband and I are both disabled and I am mostly housebound (with medical bills …..), and it tickles me when I find a new way to save! Sorry I have gone on so long, but I am excited about this!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! Looking forward to all parts of this!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • 05.15.12 Debra Pauley

    5.00 amazon gift card

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