PressPlay 2 Review by Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart
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PressPlay 2.0 review bonus

PressPlay v 2.0 by Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart coming March 21, 2017!

Have you heard of Press Play from Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart? This product is an awesome customizable video player! And I learned that Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart will be releasing a brand new version, PressPlay 2.0 on March 21, 2017! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Press Play V2.0! There are going to be some great new features coming to PressPlay, so stay tuned!


Here’s more info on the product from Digital Kickstart!

Turn Boring Videos into Engagement MAGNETS!

Want to see a cool trick?

These guys took a good-ole squeeze page, change ONE thing and started seeing a 400% increase in opt-ins.

Curious how they did it?

Watch this video [INSERT LINK].

They used a tool called PressPlay 2.

PressPlay takes any video and turns it into a “Video Magnet”. More Subscribers. More Engagement. More Sales.

If you ever wondered why your videos underperform…

It could be a simple tweak.

The key is being able to have absolute control over the viewer’s experience.

As marketers, we have only SECONDS to get their attention.

Which is why providing an exceptional experience while being able to deliver our marketing message (before they leave) is vital.

They just released v2.0 which has even MORE control, MORE feature, MORE enhancements over your video player.

[+] Timed Opt-in Overlay
[+] Show/Hide control
[+] Resume Playback
[+] Auto-Pause
[+] Call To Action Buttons
[+] Share Gate
[+] YouTube, Vimeo, S3 Hosting w/ PressPlay Features
[+] Enhanced Video Analytics
[+] Dynamic Video Based on Responses
[+] Video Watermark
[+] Overlay Annotation
[+] Video Speedup – Perfect for Webinar Replays

Even create embeddable video playlists!

For only a few more days, you can get up to 70% off the regular price.

This is a STEAL.

Not to mention how much you will save being able to use free video hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo – combine with the added functionality of PressPlay.

Grab your PressPlay account now before the price goes up.

The most powerful custom video player has even….

More control.
More customizations.
More list building and revenue-generating features.
More analytics.

…and of course, without ever paying a single penny for video hosting.

PressPlay is jam-packed with features to offer you complete control over your videos.

[+] Visitor Engagement & Control

Want your videos to auto-pause if the visitor scrolls down past your video or clicks on another browser tab?

Want to auto-play your video on X visit?

Want to show/hide your video on X visit?

Want to pick and choose which controls the visitor has?

No problem!

[+] Conversion Boosters

Want to show a share-gate at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a CTA button/image/text at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a lead optin form at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

No problem!

[+] Exceptional User Experience

Want the video to remember where the visitor left off and pick right back up?

Want to allow your visitor to watch your webinar reply at 2x speed?

What to display annotations during the video?

What to display certain videos based on a user’s choice?

No problem!

This is the POWER of PressPlay.

Add your “smart” responsive videos on literally any page or website where you can add a few lines of embed code.

However, I’m really only scratching the surface.

During this short launch window, you can jump in as a “Charter Member” and receive a massive discount off the normal price.

This price will be rising very soon!

No matter what type of website or business you own – we all know that VIDEO is the future of marketing.

PressPlay is a must to have in your marketer’s toolkit!

Grab your copy now… if you buy here from my website, send an email to mom (at) couponsandfreebiesmom (dot) com titled “Bonus” to receive an exclusive bonus!

Do you already use PressPlay 1.0? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below! Want a discount on PressPlay 2.0? Get a PressPlay discount here:

PressPlay has so many great features! Get your copy at the discount launch price here:

PressPlay 2 Review (by Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart)

PressPlay 2.0 review and bonus

PressPlay 2 Review & Bonus (by Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart)

Thinking of purchasing PressPlay 2 by Mark Thompson / Digital Kickstart? I think you will love it! Check out this quick review, bonus, & course information on EasyVSL 3.0: PressPlay 2 Review. Product launch is March 21, 2017. Get the new product here:

P.S. After you’ve purchased through the above link, email mom (at) couponsandfreebiesmom (dot) com & title the email “PressPlay 2.0 BONUS” and send your receipt to receive your bonus! 🙂

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