Saving money on Black Friday shopping: how to find good deals
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Black Friday will soon be here, a favorite time for thrifty folks in the States! There are tons of great Black Friday deals out there. My favorite place to find all the deals in one place is [link expired]. Lots of good stuff on that site!

And something you might want to keep in mind as you’re shopping out and about is that Walmart is price matching competitor sales prices on Black Friday. For those of us who live in places where shopping consists of basically Walmart or nothing and are 2 hours away from a “city”, this is HUGE. And even if you live somewhere with other shopping choices, you still may want to try price matching at Walmart, especially when the other stores run out of the sale items. But be sure to bring the competitors’ sale ads with you.

Happy shopping my friends!

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  • 11.26.08 nolaffing

    or be really radical and celebrate “Buy Nothing Day!”


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