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Learn how to coupon: Several of our readers have said they would like to get started “couponing” but just don’t know how! Well, one of our readers, Jen, sent us some fabulous tips for those just getting started in couponing, that is perfect for people who want to learn how to coupon! I wanted to share some of Jen’s tips with you, with a few of our own tips included. We are going to be doing a series with some of these tips called “Couponing 101”. This is the first post in the series.

Here are some of Jen’s expert tips, with a HUGE thank you to her for sharing these – and as Jen warns, couponing can be addicting, especially when you realize how much money you can save:

There are five different types of coupons to clip (no matter where you get your coupons they are all considered ‘clipped’):

  1. Newspaper coupons – the newspapers delivered to your home sometimes have more/better ones than the ones you purchase in the store. A great way to save 75% off on newspaper subscriptions for papers delivered to your home is by buying your subscription from
  2. Manufacturer site coupons – these coupons are obtained directly from the manufacturer site or parent companies site
  3. Coupon generating websites – these typically duplicate some of the newspaper coupons and limit your printing to 2 – 3 per specific coupon – &
  4. “Peelies” or in-store coupons – these coupons come from inside packages, stuck to the outside or off the printers in the grocery store isles. The ones that are printed when you check out are often called catalinas.
  5. E-coupons – coupons that you upload directly to your shoppers’ value cards, like your Kroger Plus card – is a good source for uploading coupons to your shopper cards

Stay tuned for future articles in our series!

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{5} Comments

  • 04.28.11 Dottie

    I would like to know where i can get coupons from the internet… i have went to a few company sites and got a few that way but i would like to find a site that has more than one product…

  • 04.27.12 Lynda

    Hi Dottie!
    I guess by now you’ve already found some websites for multiple coupons. I just found this one, & was reading the articles about saving. JUST in case you haven’t,here’s a few that I’ve
    used: Coupons.com,Coupon Suzy,& Coupon Mom (which is where I found the article of your
    comment —— that dominio effect), I’ve also TRIED to use the LOZO for extreme cuponing,but
    I can’t get my selections to print because it tells you to add your printer(which is already added),& also each time you need to contact them,it’s always e-mail! I had to e-mail them to
    ask them if they had a phone! I haven’t received an answer yet. By the way,I found LOZO in
    one of the listings on Coupon Mom,I think. With LOZO, you can give them your grocery list,&
    they’ll match the coupons with your list,it’s the 2nd.or 3rd. step after, that I was telling you about
    earlier,check into it,& see if you can print YOUR coupons,then if you succeed,then please let
    me know how you got past the “PREPARE” step. Looking forward to reading your response.
    Thank You,
    I bowl with a Dottie here in Christiansburg,Va., wouldn’t that be something if you turned out to be her? Her last name is Rottkanp.

  • 04.27.12 Lynda

    I just wanted to correct the spelling of Dottie’s last name that I bowl with: Rottkamp. It’s an “m”,
    not an “n”. Just in case she might see her name.

  • 07.28.13 Lucy S

    Great info on coupons. I am forever trying to get ahead.

  • 11.20.13 Charlene

    I use coupons all the time to save money. I tried to use Lozo but my computer keeps tell me to add Java, which is already on my computer. I even removed Java and reloaded it. It’s frustrating. Besides all that thank you for the tips. Even though I use coupons I can always learn something new.