7 More Ways to Save Money This Summer
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save money this summer

7 More Ways to Save Money This Summer

With the continued slow economy, many people are looking for ways to save money this summer. This is true at all times during the year, but even more so during the summer. People with families know how expensive it can be for providing necessities for children, and let’s not even think about how expensive it can be trying to entertain them. 🙂

We recently posted 5 ways to save money this summer, and here are 7 more ways to save money in summer! These ideas can help to keep some change in your wallet!

1) Dry the laundry outside when it is hot and humid, or use a homemade laundry rack on your back porch year round! Check out the awesome homemade air drying laundry rack my husband made! Hang it out first thing in the morning and most of it, if not all, will be dry before nightfall. This will help you to save on your energy bills.

air dry laundry rack photo

2) If you are running an air conditioner, remember to periodically change the filter. A dusty filter will burn up more energy in order to get it running at full steam.

3) more during the summer in order to eliminate the need for heating up your kitchen. A meal can be made overnight in the crockpot which will enable you to do some other things during the day. Another alternative would be to cook outdoors! Get some great year round recipe ideas for the crockpot and more here:

4) Get the kids involved at the local library. During the summer, you could get the kids involved in their local library. There are often book clubs and other interesting happenings at the local library during the summer months. These activities are usually free or at a low cost. It will somewhat entertain them. 🙂

5) Save on entertainment costs by making one night of the week a movie night. Choose a movie to rent or watch on one of the movie sources from the internet, such as Netflix, Redbox Instant, or Hulu Plus. All three of those offer free trials, so be sure to try them all throughout the summer, at varying times! 🙂 Choose something that will entertain all the people in your family. Make some popcorn, and other such as homemade pizza and enjoy the movie. This will entertain the kids, and also save you a fortune on the cost of going to the cinema.

6) Take part in more outdoor activities, such as traveling to the beach or a local picnic area. Pack a lunch that everyone likes and plan to spend the day. You and your kids will enjoy the outdoors and the lunch as well.

7) Clean your refrigerator’s A/C system! 🙂 Now I’m NOT talking about cleaning the inside of your fridge…. I’m talking about cleaning the BACK of your fridge, that part that has coils and/or a vent! The technical term would probably be the fridge air compressor or condensor (but I’m clueless on that kind of stuff….LOL) Doing this can lower your energy bills! Check out this easy step by step guide to clean the back of your fridge that my husband did!

clean fridge air conditioner

Remember everyone – have a safe, fun, happy, and LOW COST summer! YOU ALL ROCK! 🙂

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