DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer
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Making your own DIY coffee creamer allows you to control the amount and type of sweetener, the kind of milk you use, and best of all the flavoring. So many nowadays are avoiding dairy for one reason or another and are looking for dairy free coffee creamers. Using almond milk as your base gives you a thick rich creamer without the dairy and you can still create your favorite flavors. So try our DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer!

During the holidays I like to indulge a little more (don’t we all) and create flavors that highlight the season’s best! It makes your morning coffee during the hectic season that much sweeter. You can also put your DIY Coffee Creamer into a pretty jar with a lid and gift it to your holiday hostess or tuck it into a coffee themed basket as a gift along with our DIY Flavored Coffee Syrup. Don’t forget to make and display several flavors on your holiday coffee bar for guests to enjoy.

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DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer


DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer

Ingredients for DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer:

2 cups

3 T. or artificial sweetener of choice

You will also need:

a jar or other container with a tight fitting lid for storing creamer


Whisk or blend ingredients together with a hand blender or standard blender  to combine well, until your mixture is thick and frothy.

Using a funnel, carefully pour liquid into your glass jar with a tight fitting lid (be sure to sanitize the jar first). I used an upcycled jar from a tea that I purchased at a gas station of all places. You say hoarder, I say I’m frugal.

Place creamer in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Combine this creamer with our homemade simple syrup and you have a delicious coffee combo that everyone will love! To create foam on your morning coffee you grab one of these to whip it up and make your morning cup even better!

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Comments {27}

{27} Comments

  • 04.04.18 Mary Beth Elderton

    What a great idea for non-dairy creamer. Much healthier than some on the market.

  • 09.04.18 Melissa

    I love almonds so this would be nice.

  • 09.06.18 June S.

    (DIY Almond Milk Coffee Creamer) I love having different coffee creamers in my coffee when it starts getting cold outside. These would make perfect little gifts for friends and family during the Christmas holidays.

  • 09.18.18 Sarah Phillips

    This is super helpful! I haven’t been able to give up my usual coffee creamer, but this recipe might just help me do that! I could see myself adding some maple extract, some cinnamon, or even some pumpkin pie spice to make a creamer that’s perfect for this Fall season. Thanks for sharing!

  • 09.22.18 Rachel B

    This looks like a good recipe

  • 10.15.18 Donna Evans

    Thanks for the recipe. I truly am going to make it for my coffee.

  • 10.24.18 paula peterson

    That looks great to have in my coffee.

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