Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft
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If you are looking for an adorable (and useful) homemade Christmas gift look no further! This adorable Hot Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft is great as a hostess gift, for teachers, neighbors, and others you want to show a little appreciation to during the holidays but don’t quite know what to give. It only takes about 20 minutes to put together and uses a few craft supplies. It can be personalized, made into any color (and flavor) that you wish, and can be created in many sizes! If this sounds like the craft you have been looking for, read on to find out how we did it. We were inspired to create our tea tree by the sweet tea tree at .

This article is part of our 2017 Handmade Christmas gifts series! Be sure to check out the rest of the gifts here: 2017 Handmade Christmas Gifts.

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft

Here is what you need for your Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft:
Colored tea bags
Styrofoam cone, your choice of size
Hot glue
Craft foam

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft supplies

Directions for Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft:
Remove plastic from cone form.
Start at the bottom of your tree with a layer of one color tea bags, so that the bottom of the bag just rests on the surface. Run a bead of hot glue across the top of the bag on the back, position and hold into place until glue is cool.

Repeat all the way around the first layer, overlapping each bag over the last enough to cover your form well.

Tea Bag Christmas Tree
You can make your tree all green with one or more green colored tea bags or alternate with red like we did here. Start your next row so that the bottom third of your tea bag covers the first row. Continue to the top.

For the star I simply cut a star out of yellow craft foam, hot glued it to a toothpick and pressed it down into the top.

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft Directions

This was a really simple and fun craft to make that turned out cute!

Tea Bag Christmas Tree Craft Example

This article is part of our 2017 Handmade Christmas gifts series! Be sure to check out the rest of the gifts here: 2017 Handmade Christmas Gifts.

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  • 10.29.17 Chas

    Love this, thanks you for sharing!

  • 10.31.17 the cape on the corner


  • 11.03.17 Marie

    What a beautiful and easy gift for the tea lover on your list! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with us at Merry Monday this week!

  • 11.03.17 Tara Pittman

    What a cute way to give tea as a gift. I need to make this

  • 11.03.17 Libby

    This is adorable. I need a project like this for my husbands admins. I think this is what they will be getting for Christmas this year!

  • 11.03.17 Delilah Martin

    I can’t wait to make this for the tea lover I know. This looks like such a easy project!

  • 11.03.17 Diana

    This is such a cute Christmas gift idea! I love tea, so I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these!

  • 11.04.17 Janet W.

    What a creative idea! The star on top definitely completes it!

  • 11.04.17 Kara Marks

    What a darling idea–ty!

  • 11.04.17 Seyma Shabbir

    This is so cute! I love the idea, great as a gift and decoration and I could do this with other items for kids.

  • 11.04.17 John

    Hope I win.

  • 11.05.17 Darcy Koch

    I like this craft idea. I have a friend who loves her tea who would appreciate receiving one.

  • 11.05.17 Mark B

    Great gift idea!

  • 11.05.17 Beth Minyard

    What a cute idea! Love this

  • 11.08.17 Amber Ludwig

    Super cute!! This would make an ADORABLE gift idea for a tea drinker along with a cup and saucer set!!

  • 11.20.17 Donna K Peterson

    This is such a cool idea! Thank you for sharing.

  • 01.16.18 Rosie

    This little tree is just so darling, it would be so nice to have a little tea station set up if you have a place for it.

  • 01.17.18 Debbie P

    What a simple and pretty craft/gift!



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