Try Stitch Fix FREE: 1st Box of Stitch Fix Clothes FREE + Folks Love Their Boxes
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If you missed it earlier, here’s your chance to get a  clothing box for free through 1/31/18, without paying the usual $20 styling fee! I’ve NEVER seen them do this before, so hurry! I just snagged a box and can’t wait to get it! 🙂 We’ve heard lots of rave reviews from folks who have done this! Wendy just told us: “Each of the 5 items in my box fit great (the only exception being that the jeans that were included were a few inches too long). I think I’m going to keep the infinity scarf and the cardigan from this box and then make a note for my stylist about my height and send my leg length measurements to help them select pant in the future. This was fun so I can’t wait for the next box!

Here’s how to get yours:

1. Go to  – you must use that link for it to work

2. Fill out your style profile, so they know what type of clothes you like

3. Set your 1st delivery date

4. A Stitch Fix stylist will put together a box of clothing styled just for you and send it in the mail.

5. Keep and buy anything you like. Send back any that you didn’t like in the postage-paid envelope they provide.

Hurry before this ends on 1/31/18 –

I also love that you don’t have to get a box every month. You can request a box only when you need something new or want new clothes for the season. There’s no commitment to buy anything monthly.

NOTE: When you , you’ll see a banner at the top that says “Your 1st Styling Fee is on Us!” so you know you’re using the right link

Here’s how it looks on your phone:

On your computer:

Comments {39}

{39} Comments

  • 12.12.17 Melissa Oschea

    This is awesome wway of giving back good luck all

  • 12.12.17 roberta castile

    yes yes

  • 12.14.17 roberta castile

    win win maybe

  • 12.19.17 MELISSA oschea

    Awesome thank you

  • 12.19.17 Heather heather

    congrats to winners

  • 12.22.17 Maria Ramos

    If it’s Free,Count me in.

  • 01.08.18 Debbie Kincaid

    I would like to win a free box of clothing. My size is 2x. Thank you.

  • 01.08.18 Jaime Prideaux

    Debbie, this is not a giveaway to enter. Just click the link and follow the instructions in the blog post to try stitch fix for free.

  • 01.20.18 Lori Ippen Nelson

    Waiting and wanting to win something!

  • 01.21.18 Cheryl Carter

    Iam a size. 2x petite.Thank you

  • 01.21.18 Cheryl Carter

    Would love to have a box, price?..I am 2x petite

  • 04.03.18 Levon Campbell

    I can use some thing new and all so to help some one as well to.

  • 04.24.18 Cheryl Burns

    Good idea, not for me I am not in the work force anymore, but if I were this would be great

  • 10.22.18 Jo wright

    Ould loove to get some new cloth3s

  • 10.26.18 Tiffany reeder

    Win could use better clothes for my 8 yr old son. He really needs them badly

  • 11.12.18 Mable oyler

    2x 5’4″ I have problems with my ankles have to be covered or they hurt.

  • 11.29.18 Kathy Voll

    Wanna win live

  • 12.13.18 dare


  • 12.17.18 Bonnie hammerer

    All done

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