1st Box of Clothes FREE! A Video of My Free Box!
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My 1st free box recently arrived! See inside my box in the video below! Here’s your chance to get a  clothing box for free through 1/31/18, without paying the usual $20 styling fee! I’ve NEVER seen them do this before, so hurry! Wendy told us: “Each of the 5 items in my box fit great… This was fun so I can’t wait for the next box!” Sarah told us: “I received mine also… very cute items!” Rachel said: “I just got my free box yesterday – love it!!  They did a great job choosing colors and styles for me.” If you can’t see the video,

Here’s how to get yours through 1/31/18:

1. Go to  – you must use that link for it to work

2. Fill out your style profile, so they know what type of clothes you like

3. Set your 1st delivery date

4. A Stitch Fix stylist will put together a box of clothing styled just for you and send it in the mail.

5. Keep and buy anything you like. Send back any that you didn’t like in the postage-paid envelope they provide.

Hurry before this ends on 1/31/18 –

I also love that you don’t have to get a box every month. You can request a box only when you need something new or want new clothes for the season. There’s no commitment to buy anything monthly.

NOTE: When you through 1/31/18, you’ll see a banner at the top that says “Your 1st Styling Fee is on Us!” so you know you’re using the right link

Here’s how it looks on your phone:

On your computer:

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  • 03.30.18 Genna


  • 03.30.18 Calshondra Williams

    Just in time for Spring!

  • 03.31.18 Shakeia Rieux

    I haven’t heard of this, but I like that they send you clothes to try and you keep/buy what you like and send the other ones back free of charge.

  • 03.31.18 Jeanne Sumey


  • 03.31.18 Julieh

    I want to try this site. It looks so easy.

  • 03.31.18 Karen Propes

    This sounds wonderful!

  • 04.02.18 Bridget Calfee

    I hope to try this item soon

  • 04.06.18 Jennifer Hedden

    I love this idea! My favorite thing is being able to return what you don’t want. The clothes you received looked very stylish and comfortable which would be perfect for me. Thank you for sharing!

  • 04.10.18 Kristin Clark

    Love it…free clothes!

  • 04.12.18 Richard Brandt

    Free clothes are the best!

  • 04.17.18 Lori Pierce

    I I have never heard of Stitch Fix before now. This is a really smart idea.

  • 04.20.18 Thelma Rose

    great site

  • 04.23.18 Crystal Welch

    Whoo.. thank you

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