$100 Paid Laundry Soap Study!
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We learned that  sent invitations to some folks to sample a FREE 6 week supply of laundry detergent! Hurry &  (it’s free) or check your free account to see if you get this too! This is where you get to try a new laundry detergent for FREE & then get paid $100 to take a survey about the products! I have personally used this site for 16 years and have received various FREE products! Love it! 🙂 So HURRY to see what free opportunities you get, sign up ASAP before this ends (it’s FREE!):  or ***IMPORTANT: After signing up, check your email & then click the verification link in the email to start getting possible freebies!

If you are in Canada, . If you are in Australia, . If you are in UK,

I’ve been taking paid surveys for 16 years. See the survey sites that really pay!

Note: Everyone qualifies for different surveys based on demographic information, such as location, family size, etc. Also, doing these or any online surveys will NOT make you rich, but will definitely pay for little extras, like a special “date night” or family outing! 

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  • 06.28.18 Amanda Ripsam

    I have been freebie hunting since 2012 and love product testing, reviewing anything of that sort. I have yet to sign up for this one. Great find. I hope I get picked to test something fun. Thanks for sharing

  • 07.01.18 Shirley Symon

    I have been using this one along with about 5 others for years. I have gotten lots of products to test but not a lot of money. I do get about $25 a month from each of them. Not a lot but together they had up.

  • 07.19.18 Kimberly Callaway

    Wow I did not know you could make money from these studies..Thank You for sharing this.

  • 07.21.18 Mary

    Came here for winners link. It is not here even though email says it is here.

  • 07.22.18 Kaitlin

    Very cool! I will definitely check out the survey link. I have just started to get into surveys recently!

  • 07.22.18 Jaime Prideaux

    Mary, winners are posted at https://freeblood.info/winners

  • 07.22.18 Joan Giffin

    Soo cool

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