May 15 Giveaway Winners All Day – 9:30 am Winner Is…
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Welcome to our Huge May 15 & 16 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Event! Be sure to check out the Free $125 Amazon Card Panel – CLICK HERE!

We’re posting lots of great deals for you, plus we’re giving away Amazon Gift Cards every hour until 11 pm Eastern Time both days! To enter the FreeblooD May 15 & 16 giveaways, simply join FreeblooD Daily Emails – Click here! If you already receive our emails, you are automatically entered. Winners are randomly selected throughout the day. Each winner will have TWO hours to email [email protected] to claim his / her prize if selected, so be sure to check often throughout the day!

***And now, our 9:30 am winner for the May 15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway is [email protected] g_____ .com – you have TWO hours, until 11:30 am Eastern time 5/15/18, to email [email protected] to claim your Free Amazon Gift Card! Title the email “9:30 am Winner May 15”. Everyone else, be sure to check out the Free $125 Amazon Gift Card Research Panel – CLICK HERE!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our other giveaways here:

*** And finally, don’t forget the Free $125 Amazon Gift Card Research Panel – Click here

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  • 05.15.18 Carol

    Thank you for this great giveaway

  • 05.15.18 Sondrs

    Good luck to everyone!

  • 05.16.18 Kristin Clark

    Would love to win! Amazing giveaway❤
    Good luck everyone!

  • 05.17.18 JoanneAmaral martini

    Good luck to all

  • 05.17.18 JoanneAmaral martini

    Birthday gift