Cast Iron Skillet 101
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Cast Iron 101

Cast Iron 101

Almost everyone is familiar with cast iron, but do you know how to properly use and care for cast iron skillets? Surprisingly, many people have no idea how to properly care for and use cast iron skillets and cookware.

Cast iron skillets have been used for years to cook tasty meals that become family favorites! There are so many excellent cast iron cooked recipes out there, so you want to be sure you are taking care of your cast iron skillet the best you can. After all, you will want it to last a long time! If you are new to the world of cast iron skillets, or just want to brush up on the care of them, take a look below at cast iron skillet 101 tips you can try. You will find that with the proper care, your cast iron skillet will be churning out tasty dishes for years to come! Don’t yet have a cast iron skillet, or need to replace yours? Check out one of the most popular cast iron skillets on Amazon here:

How to Care for Your Cast Iron Skillet Cookware: Cast Iron Basic Use Instructions

1. Season your skillet.
One of the easiest ways to season your skillet is to place it on high heat and swish some oil around the inside. Let the oil burn and the skillet will season this way. You can do this several times before your first use to break the skillet in. Don’t want to season your skillet? You can snag a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet here on AMazon:

2. Never soak your skillet.
Skillets don’t care for baths. Never soak your skillet. Instead, scrub it when you are done using it and dry it immediately. You should never let water sit or accumulate in your skillet for any period of time. Always use a soft cloth to wipe away moisture from your skillet.

3. Use these simple cleaning tips.
If food gets stuck to your skillet, pour some salt on it to work as an abrasive cleaner. Scrub it with a cloth or sponge. It should loosen the food nicely. Then just rinse and dry.

4. Re-season as needed.
If your skillet has been used quite a bit or has been scrubbed due to stuck on food, you will need to re-season it. To do this, just place it on a high heat and swish some oil around.

5. Condition the skillet.
You can condition the skillet at anytime by placing a little oil on a cloth and wiping the inside of the pan. Don’t rinse or dry, just let the oil coat it and offer some protection.

6. Provide a covering.
When storing your skillet, cover it with a paper towel or soft cloth to keep moisture and dust away.

Cast Iron Skillet Safety Tips

When using your skillet, it is also important to remember these tips for safety: Always use oven mitts when handling your skillet. While you are cooking, never touch it with your bare hands as you can get severe burns. Even after you turn the heat off, remember that your skillet will remain hot for as long as 30-40 minutes. Do not touch it immediately or attempt to move it without protection.

Your cast iron skillet can provide you years of enjoyment when you give these easy Cast Iron 101 care tips a try!

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