Ways To Use Ribbon
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If you have a crafting room, then you know what it is like to have bits and pieces of supplies everywhere.  You finish a project and have just a few inches of a beautiful grossgain ribbon and just can’t throw it away.  Here are some fun Ways To Use Ribbon that are creative, useful and of course budget friendly.

Ways To Use Ribbon


  • Wrap Picture Frames:  Use hot glue to secure as you wrap colorful ribbon around a basic picture frame to create a unique frame to use in your home or give as a gift.
  • Create Little Girl’s Hair Bows:  Match your daughter’s bows to her favorite outfits easily when you make them yourself.  Ribbons on classic barrettes or clips can add a fun, inexpensive and unique accessory for your child.
  • Make A Ribbon Wreath: Wrap shorter lengths of ribbon around a circle of foam, wood or plastic to create a fun unique wreath.  Secure the ribbon by tying it so it moves around easily as needed.  Mix and match ribbon or create a solid colored wreath with fun flower or unique item embellishments.
  • Make Bookmarks:  Wide thick ribbon can be sprayed with starch to make stiff and be used as a fun new bookmark.
  • Wrap Around Candles:  Use as a fun way to upgrade your basic white candle for the seasons.
  • Glue To Mini Burlap Bags:  Hot glue strips of colorful ribbon to mini burlap bags to make unique custom gift bags.

Ribbon is a great fun craft item that will dress up nearly anything.  These ways to use ribbon are just the tip of the iceberg.  It is a great item to have in your craft room to dress up any piece of furniture or decor in your home.  Tie in your hair, attach to various items in your home to accent for different seasons and hoildays, or think of your own fun ways to use ribbon in crafting and decorations!

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