Mooshka Fairytales PLay Doll Deal On Amazon!
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This is such a fun and wonderful toy to grab for little ones. My child has a doll of this same brand it is so easy to clean! I just throw it right in the washer and it is like brand new.

  • Mooshka Fairytale dolls have beautiful fairy tale details, lace crowns and Toole skirts
  • Mooshka Fairytales Girl Princess Jaya loves to play hide and seek and hide under the toad stools
  • All have Velcro hands for holding hands with friends
  • Package easily becomes a keepsake box!
  • EBook series available for download in the App Store


Prices change all the time, so be sure to check your prices before purchasing.

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  • 10.18.18 Antoinette M

    Great that this is machine washable. It is such a cute doll!

  • 10.19.18 Suzanne Greene

    Sounds like a great deal at that price!

  • 10.20.18 Brian L Gregory

    My niece would love this