6 Easy Tips for Giving Christmas Gifts on a Tight Budget
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6 Easy Tips for Giving Christmas Gifts on a Tight Budget

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to spend with loved ones, but it has been a bit too commercialized. Everyone wants extravagant gifts and kids set out to collect the most toys and gadgets of all their friends. With so many expectations, how can you give gifts this holiday without draining your wallet? Find out how below with these 6 Easy Tips for Giving Christmas Gifts on a Tight Budget

Start with a well-detailed budget.

Before you buy your first holiday gift, make sure you have a budget. And not just an estimated figure in your mind that can change with each shopping trip…

You need an actual budget that is written down or saved in a spreadsheet. This budget should have everyone on your gift list included with a separate budget for each recipient as well as the total you cannot go over. Update your budget each time you purchase a gift to ensure you don’t exceed your total.

Research Christmas gifts before spending money.

With the Internet at your fingertips, there’s really no excuse to paying more than you should for each gift you give this Christmas. Often times, there will be websites that offer lower prices that you could snag in a store. Comparison shopping is a must to stay within your holiday budget.

Use coupons and snag deals whenever possible.

Always make sure you are getting the lowest price by searching online and in store ads for coupons. Also, take advantage of “buy one, get one free” or “2 for $XX” deals. There are likely two people on your list who can benefit from similar gifts. Make sure you are maximizing your savings! Check out new coupons on our site here: Coupons. Plus, see current holiday deals on our site here: Holiday Deals

Shop for Christmas throughout the year.

This one may not work as well this year, since we are already close to the holiday season. However, start your Christmas gift shopping early for next year – as early as the week after this year’s holiday! Clearance is VERY easy to find around New Year’s Day, so take advantage and save 50% or more off gifts that you can store until next year.

Give handmade Christmas gifts.

If you are already crafty, use your imagination to create handmade items that can be given as gifts. Even if you don’t have the craftiest abilities, you can still bake holiday cookies or pies that can be given to neighbors or teachers.

Be sure to check out our 12 Days of Handmade Christmas gifts series for some great handmade Christmas gift ideas!

Plan a fun gift giving exchange.

Rather than buying for everyone on your list, suggest doing a holiday gift exchange instead. You can have your family members draw names out of a hat to determine who they will buy for, or do something more fun like White Elephant. Just don’t forget to agree on the budget!

Hopefully these tips will help you give holiday gifts without breaking your budget this year. The trick is planning ahead and shopping wisely in order to get the best deal and still find items that your loved ones will enjoy!

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  • 11.12.18 Gabrielle

    If I had $500 this Christmas, I would use it to do good things for all the wonderful people who’ve been there for me during a very painful and difficult year.

  • 11.12.18 Laura

    It would be great! I would use it to go Christmas shopping!

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    I would definitely feel blessed, but either way , I know I am already. But with this, I can not only shop for Christmas for my 9 grandchildren , also also grab some toys and dolls for Toys for Tots here in New Bedford, MA. and I will use some to help with dinner.

  • 11.12.18 Sandy Weinstein

    i would use it to pay off some bills and but some things for my dogs.

  • 11.17.18 Renee

    If I won the $500 I would give 1/3 to my church,and use the rest on bills and a small Christmas for my family.

  • 11.19.18 Chelsey Reed

    I just lost ny job and could really use the money to give my family presents and a holiday dinber

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    If i won 500 i would give me and my family a presents

  • 11.19.18 Rose

    Awesome giveaway