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About Coupons and Freebies “Mom”:

Hi! I’m Jaime, a married mom of two growing boys and a frugal person by nature. I grew up on a farm, so the value of a dollar was instilled in me at a young age. My parents are true bargain shoppers, and I was raised to think that something is not really a deal unless it’s at least 75% off… and preferably 90% off or more!

A few years ago I made the difficult decision to leave my “dream job” to stay at home with the kids – but soon realized my TRUE “dream” was to be at home raising my children & helping others save money.  That’s why I blog on Coupons & Freebies Mom – I bring you lots of freebies, coupons, deals, money saving ideas, and ways to make money online.

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Reader Feedback:

“All of your info on surveys really helped with our christmas budget this year and my DH and I will be having our first “date night” in 3 months thanks to the gift cards I was able to earn” -Melissa

“Thank you sooooo much for the great daily e-mails with all the great savings. It has helped our family in so many ways. Your hard work is such a blessing to many, it is a particular blessing to me personally. ” -Elizabeth

“Love this site it has helped me and my family as we struggle out of deep credit card debt. Your coupons, freebies and ideas have really helped me with my struggle out of making ends meet. I wish I found your site years ago. Thanks for being there.” – Clara

“I continue to love your site, as it has made a big difference in the financial well-being of my family” -Sean

“I just love your web site. When I am looking thru my emails, I look for yours first.” – Paulette

“I have been using your site for a couple of months and I want to thank you for all of the info!! I have made money with some of the survey sites. I have saved money with coupons & discounts. I have also recieved freebies…not just samples but full-sized products. So again, thank you for all that you do!!!” – Diane

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