Secret tips to save more money with coupons

Secret tips to save more money with coupons: Okay, so I don’t really know that these are “secret” tips, but I bet I got your attention, lol. This is the next article in our series, a series designed to teach our readers how to coupon and save more money using coupons. Be sure to read the previous articles in our series. A huge THANK YOU to our faithful reader Jen, for sharing these tips. As usual, we have included our own comments and tips as well.

Tips to save more money with coupons:

* Keeping a calculator with you is very important. Many name brand sales combined with coupons are still more expensive than the store brands. Watching the per-oz or per-unit price is important for the most budget friendly shopping.

* Knowing your store’s coupon policy is important in case you run into any issues. Always carry a printed copy of the coupon policy from the MegaMarts (Target, Kmart, Walmart, etc.) since the clerks tend to not know the rules when it comes to doubling, stacking, price matching.

* It is also important to learn your stores “unwritten” policy. For example, my local Fry’s computers will accept any coupon regardless of expiration date. But, if the cashier catches it he/she will toss it.

* Most Drugstores and some MegaMarts will let you ‘Stack’ manufacture coupons with their store specific coupons. (i.e. If you print a Target coupon for $.75 off PopTarts and a Manufacturer coupon for $1 off, you can use both at Target and receive $1.75 off a box.)

* Kroger, Safeway, and some Bashas computers do not stop you from stacking an e-coupon with a paper coupon. (i.e, if you uploaded a coupon for $.50 off of Tide and have a paper coupon for $.75 off it will allow you to use both)

* Some of the printed coupons specifically say on them DO NOT DOUBLE, most stores abide by these rules so I always calculate my pre-shopping savings with out the double discount.

* Some coupon printing websites (, , etc.) may ask you to create a log in and install a coupon printer to your computer. We (Money Savin’ Momma & Engineer) personally use these sites, and our reader Jen says they are approved by her tech-geek husband as well. The downloads are to prevent you from printing multiple or over your limit to the coupons.

* Now this last one may be a bit debatable – I (Jen) think that typically, you get the most bang for your buck by using your coupon closest to the expiration date. I have noticed that the stores usually have a sale to match the coupons for the first week, then in the last week of the coupon they put out an even better sale! What has your experience been?

Readers: What other “secret” coupon tips do you have to save money? Post a comment to let us know!

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How to get started couponing

How to get started couponing: This is the second article in our “” series. This series is for people who are new to couponing or want to learn more about how to coupon. Be sure to read our first article in the series. Many of these tips come from one of our readers, Jen, and we have included some tips and comments of our own:

There are three main coupon-clipper-types:

1) Clip only for what you know you will use, only products you already purchase (avg. savings = 10-15%)

2) Clip all coupons from #1 and add in any high value coupon from products you’re willing to try or substitute (avg. savings = 25-35%)

3) Clip all #1, #2 and add in any additional coupons for “stock” items; i.e. Toothpaste, toilet paper, and Health/Beauty products (avg. savings can be 50-75% – however your main spending budget may be a bit inflated since you’re buying more products overall)

There are also three ways to “spend” your coupons:

1) Spend them only at your regular grocery store

2) Spend them at your regular grocery store and local MegaMart (Kmart, Walmart, Target)

3) Review all the ads and spend your coupons where you get the most bang for your buck (drugstores, megamarts, multiple grocery stores)

Jen says: I typically clip almost all coupons and prep for spending #3 but usually only end up at 2 stores. I know I could maximize my spending if I went to multiple stores but with 3 kids (2 under 3) it’s hard to go to one store let alone 5! I usually review the ads from my local stores, mainly my favorite grocery store and make up a list with my coupons in mind. I put a mark next to items on my grocery list that match up with coupons I’ve clipped and then make a separate list of extra items I can get for a really good deal if I have left over money.

Stay tuned for future articles in our series!

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Learn how to coupon

Learn how to coupon: Several of our readers have said they would like to get started “couponing” but just don’t know how! Well, one of our readers, Jen, sent us some fabulous tips for those just getting started in couponing, that is perfect for people who want to learn how to coupon! I wanted to share some of Jen’s tips with you, with a few of our own tips included. We are going to be doing a series with some of these tips called “Couponing 101”. This is the first post in the series.

Here are some of Jen’s expert tips, with a HUGE thank you to her for sharing these – and as Jen warns, couponing can be addicting, especially when you realize how much money you can save:

There are five different types of coupons to clip (no matter where you get your coupons they are all considered ‘clipped’):

  1. Newspaper coupons – the newspapers delivered to your home sometimes have more/better ones than the ones you purchase in the store. A great way to save 75% off on newspaper subscriptions for papers delivered to your home is by buying your subscription from
  2. Manufacturer site coupons – these coupons are obtained directly from the manufacturer site or parent companies site
  3. Coupon generating websites – these typically duplicate some of the newspaper coupons and limit your printing to 2 – 3 per specific coupon – &
  4. “Peelies” or in-store coupons – these coupons come from inside packages, stuck to the outside or off the printers in the grocery store isles. The ones that are printed when you check out are often called catalinas.
  5. E-coupons – coupons that you upload directly to your shoppers’ value cards, like your Kroger Plus card – is a good source for uploading coupons to your shopper cards

Stay tuned for future articles in our series!

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Beginners’ Coupon Tutorial and Trial

Couponing is a tried and true method of saving money. It is easy to do and you are able to actually see the money you save every week. For those of you who are just starting to get into the coupon world, there are some simple things you to make the transition into coupon savings easy!

When I started couponing I started by purchasing my coupons. Although I wouldn’t recommend this method as a long-term solution, it is a great way to begin couponing and find out if saving with coupons is for you!

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Start at or find a blog at that lists your local grocery store lists. My own blog, Little People Wealth, has grocery lists for HyVee, Price Chopper, and Nature’s Pantry (an organic store in Independence Missouri), CVS, and Walgreens. Your grocery list will show the products that are on sale and the products that have a coupon available. Access the list within the first day or two after it comes out.


Write your grocery list.Decide what you need and mark down the coupons that you need (along with the number you want).The coupons will be written with some letters along with a date.The letters are the insert or magazine that the coupon came in (RP = red plum, SS = smartsource, AY = All You).The date is the week that the coupon came out.


Go to The Coupon Master or and purchase the coupons that you want. The coupons usually cost around 10% of their value.Remember, this is not a long term solution, but instead, it is a way for you to try out coupon savings to see if it is for you!You will save quite a bit even though you are paying for the coupons.


Wait for your coupons (3-4 days). Ads are good for 7 days. If you access and write your list on day 1 or 2 then you should have your coupons on day 4, 5, or 6. After you receive your coupons go to the store to purchase your deals.


Get a Sunday newspaper that week and start clipping. Purchasing the coupons will get your feet wet (and allow you to start without a coupon stash), but it will be cheaper in the long run if you purchase a paper. Keep watching blogs for printable coupon updates. If you see one you want print it and file it with your other coupons. Printable coupons are only available to a certain print number so they sometimes are no longer available when you want them!

You can continue this process for about a month (which is how long it will take you to build up a sizable coupon stash via the Sunday papers. You also have the option of waiting to purchase the paper until you know couponing is for you. This way you are not investing in a coupon organizer or clipping coupons just to find out that it is not something you want to do! I used this method for the first month (I shopped every other week) that I clipped coupons and I found that it cost me about $15, but I saved well over $100. It is a simple non-commitment way to try it out!

Heidi writes for Little People Wealth, a money saving blog that teaches you to spend small in order to live large. She has coupon tutorials for the beginner and the advanced as well as many printable coupon sites so you can save even more!

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