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According to our readers, the most popular money making survey company (“best paid survey site”) for last month was again . With , you get $5 free just to sign up, they pay via Paypal, and they are always coming out with new surveys!

One reader told us they made over $65 in about a month with and others have shared similar stories about how they LOVE this site and have cashed out via Paypal! This has been our most popular paid survey company for several months!

  • We have lots of readers earning LOTS of money with , so get your FREE $5 and check it out if you haven’t yet! Readers have contacted us, so excited that they really CAN get paid to do online surveys! I have been taking online surveys since 2000, so I am just as excited as all of you when I receive paid survey checks!

Also, once you have joined, be sure to check your email ASAP and verify your email address / survey sign up, so you can start getting paid surveys! Sign into your account ASAP and check for new surveys frequently, as some of the best surveys on this site fill up VERY quickly, especially since this site is so popular. If you check your account often, you have a better chance of getting the higher paying surveys. This company is known for releasing new surveys every business day, so you probably have new surveys waiting for you right now!!

  • Sign up for Surveyhead here (it’s free to sign up, and I recommend using a special email address just for surveys):

I’ve been taking online surveys and getting paid since 2000. See my big list of recommended

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How to make $200 online in 2 months

How to make $200 online in 2 months / how to have an extra $200 by Christmas – Who would like to have an extra $200 in two months by Christmas? Here’s how ANYONE can get an extra $200 between now and Christmas.

***This post is part of our series***

1) Get paid to search online using Swagbucks (free – sign up at if you’re not already using this site) – On average, you should be able to get 3 swagbucks a day at the very minimum. In 30 days, this is 90 swagbucks or $10 free in Amazon gift cards. So in 2 months, you should have a minimum of $20. If you refer just two friends to the site, you can increase your earnings to $60 in 2 months. Read more about Swagbucks.

2) Get paid to rate and comment on websites with iRazoo – (free – sign up at iRazoo if you’re not already using this site). You can earn up to 300 points each day, and in 10 days you could have 3000 points, or enough to get a free $5 Amazon gift card. If you get a free $5 Amazon gift card every 10 days, that is $15 a month or $30 in 2 months. Read more about

3) Sign up for two paid survey sites or start using survey sites more if you are already signed up. If you are just starting out in paid surveys, try and Lightspeed Research.

You can sign up for more than two to make more money, but even if you sign up for just two, you will be surprised at how much you can make. First, I recommend . You get $5 via Paypal FREE as a sign up bonus. With a little bit of effort, you can easily make $25 a month on this site. So, this is $50 in 2 months, plus your $5 sign up bonus, for a total of $55.

Second, I recommend Lightspeed Research. They generally send out a lot of survey invitations, so it is easy to earn money at Lightspeed. With a little bit of effort, you can make $30 (or much more) in 2 months on Lightspeed. You can sign up for any survey sites on our list. Lots of readers like Surveyhead and Lightspeed and seem to earn good money on these sites, so that is why I use these ones in my examples. I’ve been taking online surveys since 2000 and getting paid since then. Check out the big list of survey sites I use and sign up for as many as you can.

4) Sign up for . If you do just one focus group, the minimum pay is usually $20 – 25. Most pay around much more, from $50 – $100 each in my experience.

5) Sell old books at or other unused items on . Christmas is the perfect time to sell items in good condition, as people are looking for Christmas presents. With just a few items on both of these sites, you can easily make another $25.

***Obviously, these are just a few examples of how you can make an extra $200 in 2 months. These examples are based on my own personal experience and based on information readers have shared with me – as with anything, your results can vary. In my opinion, $200 is the minimum you could make in two months following the above steps. I have tried to use conservative estimates for all of these sites. The amount you can truly make is only limited by your efforts. The more time and effort you are willing to put into these sites, the more money you can make.

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$50 paid online survey!

$50 paid online survey: As part of our series to help everyone make extra money between now and Christmas, I will be alerting you of high dollar paid survey invitations and paid surveys that may be available to you. I just received an email from for a $50 paid survey / research opportunity! This makes TWO paid product trial invitations recently from Toluna, plus now a $50 survey! Let me just say Toluna is rapidly becoming one of my favorite survey sites, lol. I have been taking surveys with them since 2005 and can verify that they do pay!

Toluna Opinions Paid Surveys and Product Trials

The survey invitation I recently received was titled “50 Dollars for Future Research”, with Job ID 6578 and Survey ID 6943. So hurry and check your emails (or sign up with Toluna Opinions ASAP) to see if you have this email or another high dollar survey invitation or paid product trial invitation from Toluna. Here is a snippet of the email….

  • Today we have an opportunity for you to participate in a short screening survey. Depending on your answers, you may be asked to participate in future research for which you will receive a cash reward of $50! This survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Please respond as soon as possible – this survey is open for a limited time.


Toluna Opinions Surveys: Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $5,000 sweepstakes when you register!

I’ve been taking online surveys and getting paid since 2000. See my big list of recommended legitimate survey sites

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Free Christmas Presents 2009
Free Christmas Presents 2009

In addition our series, we are starting a series, that will help you all get cheap and FREE Christmas gifts for your family and friends in 2009! We’re already been mentioning some of these FREE Christmas gift ideas in the past few months, so if you’ve been reading our site for awhile, you should already have some of your free and cheap Christmas gifts by now! And our goal is to help you find even more FREE and cheap presents to give this holiday season! Just remember – there are plenty of great deals out there where you can get free and inexpensive QUALITY gifts! We’ll help you find them! And if you come across some hot free Christmas present ideas, please let us know! Leave a comment on a blog post, or email us at eadflmomma at gmail dot com!

  • See some of the recent posts we’ve done that already qualify to be in this series:

Want to make some extra cash between now and Christmas? Check out our series!

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Christmas cash
Christmas Cash

To help everyone make some extra cash between now and Christmas, we will be doing occasional blog posts as part of our series! If you have any ideas or ways to make extra cash in the next few months, we’d love to hear about them and include them in our series! Send us an email at eadflmomma at gmail dot com with YOUR ideas and ways YOU are making extra cash for Christmas! Together we can all help each other make some extra money between now and the new year! Stay tuned for future posts in this series!

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